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Swingers couples and singles ads

Swinging is one of the most popular adult activity that couples and singles in the UK are curious about. We have a huge collection of swingers adverts with videos, pics and photos that you can browse to see what all the hype is about. You won’t find another interracial swingers site that gives you such good service, innovative features and the chance to meet over 2 000,000 members.

sexy couple Swinging is not just for couples but also for individuals, or groups of three, four or more. If you go to a wife swapping party you will even find that there are playrooms where more than ten people are taking part in an orgy. Visit our online media galleries and look at the swingers videos and pictures to see for yourself who is part of this horny community.

Although swinging started out in the suburbs and was mainly a white sport for middle aged people it quickly involved and included people with different sexualities and from different cultures. This is how interracial swinging was born and if you browse our local singles and couples ads you will see that we have members who are African, Oriental, Latino, Caucasian and Indian. Even though most of our members come from the United Kingdom and the United States we also have adults from other countries like Spain.

Interracial swinging videos and photos

If you want proof that we have real members on our site and that they are indeed from a wide variety of age groups, races, sexes and cultures then you just have to visit our online galleries. Here you can see swingers photos and videos uploaded by our members.

You can view unlimited photos and homemade videos and it won’t cost you anything. Once you are a member of our interracial swingers site you can also upload as many erotic material as you wish to our picture gallery or to your private collection. The last option lets you choice who you want to share your naughty pics with and you can use our video forum and chat to find like-minded adults who you want to show what you’re capable of.

Everyone has got different fantasies and sexual needs that’s why we allow you to create your own personal ad where you state exactly what type of person on our site you want to meet. If you have a specific request or a fetish then you can also use this platform to find a sex partner who shares your bedroom antics. If you are not sure how to express what you are into in words then make a homemade video using your cell phone or camera and upload it in a few minutes to our site.

There are so many interracial swingers videos, photos and sex ads on our site that you’ll need our advanced search feature to help you find what you are looking for. By browsing according to category you can narrow your search down according to location, age groups, race, sex, sexual preference, interests and physical looks.

We provide you with a safe and secure environment where you can just be yourself and unleash your full sexual potential. On our site you don’t have to worry about stalkers, rude behavior or giving up your true identity.

swingers sex Browse our swingers forums, also recent profiles from the UK, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Spain local to you without joining and absolutely for free!

Swinging Lifesttyle Terms and Abbreviations

AC/DC - Bisexual, swings both ways (Male or Female)

Bareback - Sex without condoms

BBW - Big beautiful women/Big breasted women

BDSM - Bondage, domination and submission, sadism masochism

BD - Bondage

Bi - Bisexual, term used by females and males

Bi- Curious - term used by male or females that are unsure about their sexuality and has limited experience with sexual activities with the gender.

Bukkake - Men wanking and cumming onto the face/body of females.

Bulls - A male that fucks a cuckold’s partner.

CD - Cross dresser

CPL - couple

Cream pie - This is after a male has ejectulated and her partner cleans her up

Cuckold - A wife that fucks guys whilst her husband watches. The husbands are not allowed to take part and the wife normally uses a Bull.

DP - Double penetration, normal one penis into the vagina and another penis into the arse

DV - Double vaginal penetration - the act of two males both inserting their penis into one vagina at the same time

Fb - Fuckbuddy

FFM - 3some two females and one male

MMF - 3 some involving two males and one female

Full swap/ FS - full swap this is normally where penative sex takes places with another person’s partner

GILF - Grannies I’d like to fuck

MILF - Mum’s I’d like to fuck

MWC - married with children

NSA - No strings attached

Soft swingers/Softies - No penetrative sex takes place unless it’s it between your own partners.

TS - Transsexual

TV/trannies - Transvestites

VWE - Very well endowed relating to the males penis size

Vanilla - Non swingers

Stunt cock - Young male that performs for couples

BiM - Bi male

BIF - Bi female

CTOA - Can travel or accommodate

DDF - Drug and disease free

FA - fat admirer

F2F - face to face meeting

GBF - Gay black female

GBM - Gay black male

GSOH - Good sense of humour

GWF - Gay white female

GWM - Gay white male

GF - Girlfriend

BF - boyfriend

HWP - Height/weight/proportion

IR - Interracial normal relates to one partner being white and one being Asian, or black

ISO - Insignificant other

ISO - in search of

LDR - Long distance relationship

LTR - Long term relationship

MBA - Married but available

NS - non smoker

NSA - No strings attached

NUMP - No ugly men please

NUWP - No ugly women please

PF - Professional female (Escort)

PM - Professional Male

SALT - Single and loving it

SPARK - Single parent raising kids

TG - Transgender

WLTM - Wold love to meet

Snowballing - The ct of exchanging semen between others.

Dogging - Those who take part in sexual acts outside

Clean - Disease and drug free

Separate rooms - Couples that play with other partners in separate rooms

Closet swinger - person who hides that they are a swinger

Cunnilingus - Stimulation of the clit or vagina by the mouth

Exhibitionist - A person who stimulated by showing their sexual parts and or enjoys being watched whilst taking part in sexual activities

Fellatio /blowjob - Stimulation by a male having his penis sucked by mouth

Gang bang - One women having sex with a group of men

Group sex - normally in a club there is a room where everyone that enters can have sex and touch each other

Safe word - This is a word that is exchanged between partners and is shouted out if they wish to stop play or used in a BDSM environment

Rubber - condom

Pro - Prostitute or paid escort

Social - Event arranged by swingers to meet other swingers without any sexually activity taking place.

Swapping - two couples exchanging partners

Straight - Person who is not bi-sexual

Soft swing - same room sexual activity without penative sex

Voyeur - A person who enjoys watching others engaging in sexual activates