Learn swinging rules, join the lifestyle

It’s considered good manners for a guy to take off his socks before he jumps in bed with a girl. It’s also common sense for a woman not talk about her ex lovers’ huge cock while she is busy with her current partner. These are all customs that adults abide by when they have sex. So it should come as no surprise to you that there is also swinging etiquette for people who follow this lifestyle. There is no official law or guide book that explains the rules and regulations of swinging by on our site you can get free advice on the swinging lifestyle and community.

Since the beginning of time wife swapping had a certain swingers etiquette that couples followed. It started with the US Air Force pilots during World War II, who had to sexually look after the wives of their deceased co-pilots. These Air Force pilots knew how to behave when they randomly selected a "wife" for the night by using the "key club" to choose it for them. How the key-club worked was that each "wife" put her room key on a pile and the pilots then had to draw for a key. This rule made sure that wife swapping didn't upset the pilots own wives because they randomly selected a women for the night and didn't pick on that they liked.

The reason why adults who are curious about the swinging lifestyle join our site and don’t look for swingers by other means like at a club is that they don’t want to deal with people who don’t know how to behave. We have a very strict policy about rude behavior and all our members can report someone who is aggressive, offensive to an individual or group or can’t take no for an answer.

Swingers etiquette and advice by UK wife-swappers

Here are some modern day tips that you can follow, if you are not sure about the rules of wife swapping and swingers etiquette:

  • Have anonymous adult fun. Protect your privacy by choosing an alias for you and your partner. It is swinger etiquette to have little cards with your alias and site username on it (then other members can email you via our internal mailing system) These cards are exchanged at parties with other couples or single people.
  • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The same rule applies for UK Swingers and what they get up to. If you meet someone from your area you might bump into them in the supermarket. Then good behavior would be to ignore them and not discuss the naughty fun you got up to over the weekend.
  • This lifestyle is not a place for snobs. Although the community used to be a bunch of rich snobs, things have changed and more middle class people from all ages, races background and cultures are joining in. You have the right to be selective of whom you sleep with but don't on purpose hurt someone's feelings. Many adults are amateur swingers and they'll take it personally if you look the up and down and then walk away.
  • Come prepared. If you're going to a party or club then remember to take the essential things like condoms, wet wipes, a jacket, deodorant, mints and lubricant. It is swinging etiquette to share your condoms with people who don’t yet know how things work.
  • Rater safe than sorry. The amount of STI’s have more than double recently and the number of people with HIV and Aids is also a lot. So always use a condom, if you don’t want to then go find bareback swingers that are willing to get tested first.

Now that you know about the finer etiquette of swinging you should start enjoying this lifestyle by joining our site right now.