Emasculated Cuck Spouses

Some people will argue that the most important role-players in cuckolding sex are the hotwife and bull. We tend to disagree, if it wasn’t for the Cuckold spouse, this act wouldn’t be half as fun. But what is exactly is a cuck and do you get different types?

A Cuckold, cuck or beta male is a married man or in a relationship whose wife/girlfriend has sex with a bull or alpha male. The wife/girlfriend is referred to as the cuckold wife, cuckoldress, hotwife or dominatrix woman. There are two kinds of Cuckold males the submissive type and the dominant type.

This act is not an affair or secretive as the husband is aware of what his wife is doing and he is even watching her in action with another man. He prefers this lifestyle to swinging as he would rather share his wife with a bull than with other females or with couples.

The Submissive Cuckold Husband

cuckold husband In this case the wife is dominant and takes on additional sexual partners, while the spouse takes on a submissive/humiliating role. The submissive husband is monogamous towards his wife/girlfriend. He will remain faithful and supportive of her and her lover.

Just like in an S&M game, the obedient partner gain genuine sexual arousal through being humiliated. For a lot of cuckolding men this act is the ultimate form of sexual fantasy and what turns them on is when their wife is getting sexually pleasured with a superior male.

If you visit our forums you will learn that some compliant males will even clean up the house while the lady is out on a date. The dominatrix woman wants control over both males and will sometimes force the cuck to perform oral sex on the bull so that they both know their places.

The Dominant Cuckold Husband

The concept of control plays an important part for dominant spouse. Dominant cucks will encourage the cuckoldress to take part in this activity and even look for bulls to pleasure her. The difference between a dominant and a submissive male is that the first gets great pleasure from watching his wife and the bull have sex. He does not see this act as humiliation but as a voyeuristic act of watching and enjoying.

These men won’t just sit next to the sidelines and quietly watch but will get actively involved by encouraging the younger guy to pleasure his wife. They will also give them compliment and requesting the participants to perform certain sexual acts on each other or to try certain positions. The more pleasure they get out of intercourse, the happier the dominant cuckold spouse is. It will usually happen that he gets so aroused during the act that he will have sex with his partner afterwards.

There is a lot of material like photos, videos and erotica that shows the masters of this game. For instance he will blind fold his wife and watch as several men fuck her at once.