Wild Sex parties: hardcore fun and gang bangs

Just like some people are into soft swinging that involves touching, licking, teasing and sometimes oral sex, others like hardcore orgy sex and gang bangs. There is nothing soft about this sexual act as it involves full on penetration and sexual fetishes like BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism), bukkake and Dominance & Submission.

Hardcore sex Gang Bang parties are a great way to push your sexual boundaries and stay open minded about intercourse. When you are part of an orgy you usually have sex with adults outside of your normal social circle. This will include different age groups, races, cultures, sexes and even sex toys like vibrators and blow up dolls. It's not an uncommon sight to see female-on-female action and even a sandwich between a female- and-two-males or two-females-and-one-male at a hardcore sex orgy. It sometimes even happens that straight men are having anal sex with each other.

The essentials items that you need to take to a gang bang party are lubricant, condoms, wet wipes, a clean set of clothes and a towel. You should also wear clothing that is very accessible and easy to take off. Don't bother with high heels and earrings if you are a female, as it will only come in the way. It's also important to be considerate towards other taking part in the hard core orgy sex by taking care of your hygiene. In other words brush your teeth, take a shower, shave and use deodorant. Also don’t eat garlic the day before.

Our online galleries have many pics, sound clips, home-made videos and erotic photos of couples taking part in sexual fetishes. Most people will insist that you first show them a picture or video of you enjoying an orgy before they invite you to a gang bang party at a private residence. This is to make sure that no curious cancers spoil the evening for everyone else that are into hardcore sex.

These visual and audio material is a great source of erotic material that you can use for foreplay. Even if you think you’ll never take part in activities like bukkake or BDSM, you can always fantasize about it when browsing our galleries. This is also a great learning school for amateurs who are interested in this activity. You can also introduce a new sexual partner to your fetish by showing them what it is all about, before they see it in real life.

Once you join our community you can find adults who share your love for orgies by using our advanced search option. Set the parameters so that you can find singles, couples or groups according to location, age, race, physical appearance and sex. Have fun on our video chat, mailing system, personals, chat rooms, forums and blogs. This is a great way to learn more from adults who take part in it regularly.