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Want Your Very Own Sexy BBW? You're In The Right Place!

Are you a fan of the larger framed gals also known as BBWs or guys that are referred to as BHWs? Or perhaps you are a sexy, larger than life lady yourself looking for a few admirers and big booty enthusiasts? Either way, we’ve got you covered as we offer an extensive community of BBWs and their followers on our site! These XXL fans want big girls for dating, kinky fun and more! Then there’s the wide girthed women themselves, they want men and women for all kinds of pleasurable experiences. If you’ve been looking everywhere else then stop searching right now, you don’t need to look any further. We have everything you need to satisfy your curvaceous sexual desires!

BBWs Are B-E-A-utiful!

We live in a very judgmental society, it tends to frown upon those that are different, especially when they are of a larger size. On our site however, you are free to be yourself, our members all encourage one another to embrace themselves as they are. People are free to flaunt what society would label as flaws such as a bigger midriff or chunkier bum, as it is part of what makes a person who they are, therefore it is beautiful.

Fat is Fun

big woman Find out more about yourself and explore your sexuality as you embark on your biggest sexual adventure yet, enjoy the well-deserved attention you deserve from your admirers as they check out your sexual photos and perhaps even videos should you feel extra brave! Maybe you wanna check out our hotties? Well, we’ve got galleries full of bigger proportioned members for those who appreciate something a bit extra on the hips. Perhaps you’re a macrophile and have a fetish for larger sized people, or even a ‘feeder’, a term used for a person who loves to treat their sexual partner to copious amounts of food in order to get them even bigger and better.

Worldwide Wonderful

This site is not only for UK adult dating but for most areas of the globe, with members hailing from the USA to Asia, Australia to Germany. Even if distance is the issue, you can still hook up with those oh so far away tasty members via our adult video chat rooms for a spot of hot cyber sex and get your rocks off as they show you what they can do with their naked plus-sized body.

In The Flesh

If virtual action doesn’t do it for you and it’s gotta be the real thing, fear not! Our advanced search feature allows you to scour members by specific area, so you can find someone closer to home that can make your fantasies a reality!

Get on the site and find your own generously proportioned piece of hotness and see what you’re missing out on!