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Expose of horny Voyeurs and Exhibitionists from the UK

bathroom voyeur This is the place to get naked and to tell all where you are going to put on a live outdoor sex show in our chat rooms or forums. If you don’t then you’ll miss out on a great audience.

Exhibitionist couples are people who like to get caught in the act. They get a thrill when other people watch them have sex and cheer them on. Sometimes they can’t control themselves and they will even initiate contact with the crowd. This usually happens when the performing duo feels relaxed and not suffocating.

People who are new to the lifestyle should at all time respect the dogging and wife swapping etiquette established over many years. They should keep their distance at outdoor locations when they are looking at a performance and if they are asked to leave because the couple wants to be alone then they should respect their privacy. At swapping evenings it also happens that you get an open room where everyone is welcome and then private rooms where you can only enter by invite. Voyeurs can’t just decide to waltz in there, they need to stay put in the open rooms where you have the freedom to watch.

Voyeurism photo sharing, forum and chat - flashers and peekers

A lot of our exhibitionist couples upload photos to our galleries. If you come across such a couple in the voyeur forum then ask them politely if they’ll be willing to share their private collection of homemade video clips with you. This is the best way to learn from the professionals and see how it’s done.

Single men often feel left out at public sex spots as they are not everyone’s favourite type of voyeur. Couples usually prefer other duo’s or bisexual females to watch them. Our best advice to newbie males is to make as many contacts on our site and engage with them in our interactive features. Put in time and effort to send out mails, to discuss adult related topics in the forums to reply on blogs and to mingle in the chat rooms. Before you know it you’ll get invited to an exclusive evening where you’ll be treated like a VIP.