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Upgrade to VIP Swingers status - exclusive membership

We want provide the best adult fun for all our members, whether you are a classic or a premium what we like to call VIP swingers. Because our premium members have to pay when they upgrade we go out all the way to give them an exclusive premium membership that they won’t find anywhere else! For what they get it is a really good investment and you’ll get your money’s worth if you join this crème-the-la-crème club.

VIP swinger We are very proud of our collection of premium members as they are not newbies but all experienced and mature swingers. They have excellent profiles, host amazing private adult parties and there private collection of photos and videos is something that will keep you occupied and spellbound for a very long time.

Red carpet treatment like you've never experienced before is what we can promise you. Some of the benefits include adult photos and videos in high resolution, unlimited searched and much more elite adult fun!

Here is a breakdown of all the amazing premium benefits that our VIP members can enjoy:

  • On average get 800% more mail
    Premium members get on average 8 times more mail than standard members.
  • Get your profile viewed 2500% more
    Your profile will be viewed on average 25 times more than classic members.
  • Unlimited access to adult photos & adult videos
    View all genuine media content from real members. VIP swingers can see over 400,000 real photos and video clips.
  • See more and larger adult photos
    Image previews are four times the size plus they bypass the profile page and open directly to their full size. You also get the ability to view private media.
  • Prove you are not a timewaster
    The most popular members only want to hear from VIP personals as they are inundated with mail, and thesemembers are far less likely to be timewasters.
  • WAP Service
    Use our website on your mobile phone. Browse profiles, do unlimited searches for swingers and read or send messages whilst on the move.
  • Who`s online now
    Comprehensive list of everyone who is currently online now! You are 3 times more likely to get a response if you message someone while they`re online. Plus you can filter results by gender and location, or use it to set up immediate meetings.
  • Use video chat
    Video chat allows you to have exclusive adult fun with other members on webcams publicly or privately.
  • Get more control of your mailbox
    This feature allows you to set the auto reply feature to alert people when you are away.
  • Advanced searches
    Carry out unlimited searches for swingers to find people by sexuality, age and other physical attributes.
  • Hidden profile option
    You have the option to hide your profiles from searches.
  • Send video mail
    Use your webcam to record instant adult videos that are 1 minute long to send it to another member.
  • Access to the Friends network
    See who everyone else is friends with and click through the network to have more exclusive adult fun.
  • View the top profiles on "Am I Hot"?
    Look at hot adult photos in this section and rate them.
  • Select what type of member you want to review on "Am I Hot"?
    Choose the type of photos they want to see: Male, Female, Couples, Groups or Transvestites.
  • See who thinks you are hot
    If you enter "Am I Hot"? you can see who has given you a score of 6 or more.

Want to enjoy all the exclusive benefits of being a VIP swinger. Then join TheAdultHub.com now and upgrade to premium membership.