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A famous writer once said that we all have a story inside ourselves to write. It doesn’t matter if it is a true account of your life, for example a swingers story about your regular wife swapping evening or pure fiction like and erotic tale of a chance encounter with a stranger.

horny and sexy girl Check out our huge database of written material and you’ll believe this well-known writer. It seems like all our members straight, gay, bi, transsexual, single or a duo have a need to express themselves. Theadulthub is the perfect platform to tell your partner your most intimate thoughts via a swinging narrative.

Read other swingers stories and you’ll gain amazing knowledge about the lifestyle of swingers and doggers. You’ll also learn how people from different cultures and with different sexual orientations approach intercourse. Reading what members from different parts of the world get up to is not only a great turn on but also a great way to learn a few tricks. Say you are new to the dogging then you can read about the etiquette and the different role-players.

Erotic tales by real swingers

Fact or Fiction? Most of our swingers stories fall in the latter category. They cover pure fantasies and are not a true account of what the writer gets up to. An adult story of this nature is not restricted by things like difficult sexual positions, time and distance or even sexual preferences. Anything and everything is possible from twenty women having sex with a man with eight penises to a gang bang where more than a hundred people takes part.

We have to credit a wide variety of “writers” who all contribute to our collection of material from she-males, bisexuals, transvestites, gays, heterosexual couples, interracial swingers, mature moms, boy toys and sugar daddies.

Sex stories – write your own

Once you start reading articles, sex blogs on our site, you'll soon feel inspired to do the same. It’s really simple join our site and upload your story at no cost. Before you know it thousands of members from right across the world and also from your area will be hanging onto your every world.

You can promote your tales in the chat rooms, internal mail, forums or blogs. Other members can also leave comments on it so share how it related to them.