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Free Transvestism Site: meet trannies and shemales for no-strings sex

It is very difficult to define the term transvestite sex. Most books on this topic are out of date. That’s why if you are interested in making contact with transvestites, cross-dressers and shemales you can do so right here on our site. We do after all have over 2 000,000 members from the UK, rest of Europe and USA. But let’s first look at the history of this adult lifestyle.

The term Transvestism became popular in 1910 when a famous writer described people who habitually and voluntarily wore clothes of the opposite sex as Transvestites. These terms were derived from the Latin words Trans meaning across, over and vestere meaning to dress or to wear. During that time it included all genders (male and female) and all sexual orientations (straight, gay, bi and a-sexual).

In the modern age that we live in today transvestite sex does not involve all genders and sexual orientations. It only applies to male-bodied people, In other words men who dress in female clothes. The reason cross-dressers behave in this way has nothing to do with transvestic fetishism.

two men dressed in drag In the past society and psychologists couldn’t distinguish between people having an outward non-conventional appearance with the clothing they wear because of sexual arousal or a fetish. That’s why there was confusion with the term transvestite. A lot of gays or lesbians get mad when society still labels them as a subculture of transvestite sex. This is even though certain parts of tranvestism became part of popular culture when the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) community introduced “drag”.

Apart from making new sex contacts you can also interact with our members and learn about the lifestyle. We have great interactive features like internal mail that you can use to flirt or send messages. Then we have tv/ts forums, chat rooms and blogs where you can also have great adult fun! Our most popular feature for transvestite sex is our adult video chat rooms that allow you to have virtual sex with shemales and cross-dressers from all over the world. These private rooms have webcam and microphone capability so that you can see and hear your chat host.

If you want to take things to the next level then you can arrange a real life meet either at one of the tranny clubs listed on our site or at one of the parties. We have great venues with facilities like playrooms, unisex showers, sauna’s that is all perfect for transvestite sex. You can also show off your great cross-dresser outfit on the dance floors or at the bar of these vibrant clubs.