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Outdoor and Public Sex in the UK

Public sex is often labeled as dogging or exhibitionism, depending on the where it takes place. Outdoor frolicking dates back to the mid 1970's when couples had intercourse in a car park while men would secretly try and watch them. The men would pretend that they were walking their dogs as an explanation why they where there in the first place, hence the term "dogging".

public sex photo When you take part in this activity you can either be watched while having outdoor sex or you could join other couples while they are having sex in a car park. Voyeurism means the act of watching people have sex in public and this activity is widely enjoyed by single men. Exhibitionism is when you are deliberately putting on a show for people.

We have a huge collection of photos and video pics showing couples on beaches, lay-bys and forest clearings getting it on. The thing when you are having sex in public is that it seems like someone always has a camera or recorder on hand, so you better practice your moves in case you get caught in the act!

Make outdoor contacts for dogging

Who knew that public sex could be so much fun that over 2,000.000 active profiles are registered with theadulthub. The thrill in outdoor sex is that you may get caught out. You want to get discovered by horny singles or other couples watching and not by the police that is shy dogging locations changes all the time. To keep up you need to stay in the loop with the right crowd and find out when and where they are going to get together.

You can also check out the pics in the public sex galleries that will give you a good idea what outdoors spots are the best. Alternatively read the blogs and found out from other members personal experience if there is a great place in your area that you haven’t tried out yet.

Share Public Sex videos and photos

What’s the point of playing porn star but not sharing your exhibitionist act in the form of a public sex video? You can relive the moment where you watch the video recording again in the outdoor sex gallery. You’ll also get more interest from other contacts if you add media to your profile. The most popular couples on our site are the one that aren’t shy to add photos and video clips.

It’s not complicated to share your naughty footage. All you need to do is upload the material from your camera, phone or PC to the site. We give you the option of keeping it in your private collection or hosting it in our collective gallery.